One of the reasons atla was a great show was because of the bonding/friendship/family times. I really liked that. uvu

(Apologies for the exaggerated crying Aang in the first gif. This was an unplanned thing were the rest just followed. I know Aang doesn’t cry like that haha.

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Avatar Aang

I never thought of myself as the girl in the bikini.

Chris Pratt recalls a story from early in his career when Jimmy went out of his way to show kindness. [x]



I love the Pushing Daisies universe because it’s this beautiful little bright world where people live in windmills and keep bees and everyone’s jobs are things like lighthouse keeping, illusionists, and scratch-and-sniff book authors. But it’s teeming with cold-blooded murder.


Food Art Photography Ilustrates Delicious Side of European Capitals

International travel has never looked so appetizing.



has anyone posted this yet because this is pure gold

Thank you, Matilda.

How are you gonna get Cap interested in fighting Ultron when he should be consumed with finding Bucky?
The fact is Ultron is a clear present danger, and Bucky is in the wind. And we do mention the fact that that’s his sort of primary thing but he’s also working with The Avengers too. We’re not ignoring it but he definitely has to deal with a mad 8-foot robot… ‘cause that’s one of those things, you know, you put if off, and it just gets worse.❞

Sailor Moon Crystal - Inner Senshi Transformations (x)

If you should ever need my help… I will come.

"Other lands are not my concern…"




I still laugh at this every single time I see it.